English Content Needs/Suggestions

Are there any known needs for English content? I have not explored the English library, partly because I do not know what a non-native speaker would find enjoyable or helpful. I have a few ideas for content (some original and some from other sources) but would like to hear from the community on what you would like to see and have not found or what requests have been made in the past that have not yet been met.


Hi, Jason,
I would like to hear tech content. Not in a specialized sense, but the kind of things that appear in the lay press.
I’ve heard there are a lot of techies using LingQ, so I guess this should be a very useful kind of content.

Hi Jason,
I like to hear things of the normal daily life. What people are doing during a day, at Job, at leisure time, about hobbies, shopping, travelling and so on. In my opinion there’s a lot of useful vocabulary in such content.
I also like science content or about environment, nature and animals but this is often to difficult on my actual grade of knowledge.

Hi Jason,
the English library has among articles for the different interest and I think often it’s difficult to find them.

But I agree with Vera, with things of normal daily life we can better understand the culture.
As next of cause my interest on nature, I like information about this too.
Thanks for asking