Enghlish conversation and talk about France Business School

Hello, I am a Chinese .I plan to apply for a master degree program in France next year,But my speaking English is so poor that the scor of the speaking portion of my IELTS is only 4,which can not reach the lowest score requirements of the school.So I want to find some friends to practise speaking .In return I can teach them Chinses.By the way, what is the skype? Is it a communication tool?How can I get one?

In addition,I also want to know something about LM LYON,ESC GRENOBLE , ROUEN BUSINESS SCHOOL , the detail situation about the other splendid France Business School and the French culture.

Because I will apply for these schools,could you give me any advice? Your prompt attention to my question will be highly appreciated.I am looking forward to your reply.

I suggest you start studying English and French at LingQ to prepare. If you wish to find out what Skype is just google. Re French business schools I also suggest google.

OK,But most function of google Is banned in China,don`t warry, I will solve the problem in the other way. thank you for your attention

You can use Baidu. Search for the school’s name and then put in “ranking”. Financial Times does official rankings for business schools.
However, France has not got the best reputation for business schools in Europe (apart from INSEAD which is considered one of the best). It is my feeling UK has a lot more to offer. Warwick, Durham, Manchester for example but als Switzerland of course.