End-quotes in Japanese are not being rendered

Hi, this bug has been bothering me for a while so I thought I’d see if we could get it addressed. In Japanese texts, sometimes end-quotes i.e. this character 」 is not rendered even though it is present in the raw text. Here is a screenshot of it happening in the web reader:

And in the raw text on the edit page:

It looks like the paragraph break is also being eaten here, but oddly enough it doesn’t happen for every end-quote at the end of a paragraph, so it seems a bit random. Anyway, I’d really appreciate if the team could debug and fix this because it’s been a huge annoyance having to guess where the end-quote is supposed to be in a large portion of the dialogues.

Better and easier formatting is something we are working on and it will be improved in the 5.0 version.
Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!! Do you know when 5.0 will be released?

If it’s helpful, this bug seems to happen for every end-quote before a paragraph break. Adding a space at the end prevents this but then it still eats the newline…

The 5.0 is a few weeks away, it’s coming soon.