En el restaurante! 3rd season

Hi there!
As announced yesterday, we have already released our 3rd season/story of the Madrid-Barcelona series. This one is called “En el restaurante” for high intermediate students.
This time we have rated this collections as B2, because for the kind of expressions and the speed, we think it’s more B2 than B1, but however, if you are a B1 student, you can of course use this story to improve your Spanish with natural Spanish.
Feel free to ask about any word or expression you don’t understand.

You will find the collection here: Season 3 - En el restaurante - B2 - LingQ Language Library


B1 links to the previous series, so you can follow better this third new season

Season 1–> ¡me mudé a Madrid! → Season 1 - ¡Me mudé a Madrid! - B1 - LingQ Language Library
Season 2 —> ¿quedamos? → Season 2 - ¿Quedamos? - B1 - LingQ Language Library

¡Me encantó! Y el final, que risas me dio. :slight_smile:

¡calla, calla! jajajajjaja

jajajaja! Me alegro que te gustara Angela! La verdad es que Berta borda al final!! Tendremos que nominarla a los Oscar!! :wink:

Sí sí. jajaja


Definitivamente quien sí lo borda es Albert haciendo de francés.

jajaja, es verdad. Así que los dos bordasteis vuestros papeles (gracias, he conocido una palabra nueva, nunca la he oído).