Empty Screen

Hello. My name is Herman Roeffen. I am a member and I have screen Problems ! Often it happends that I am connected with the French page which I try to study with Marianne, like yesterday,at once my screen turnes blank(white).Only the upperpart is intact! This happends often. I have to do the log in proceedings to come back to the French page. It also happends that at once I was led to the German page, although I never visited the German site! Because of my problems I avoid visiting LIngQ. Its not encouraging to pay your teacher and than one can not study properly. Unfortunatly this is my hard reality with Lingq at the moment. Hopefully this problems stop. Thank you very much. Herman. hsh.roeffen@home.nl

Hi Herman,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems, however, we have thousands of users happily using LingQ and we have never heard of a problem where the screen turns blank. Please provide us with more details. You can also send a screen shot to LingQ Support to help us. Any information you can provide like operating system, browser, browser version would also be helpful in trying to figure out what is happening.