Embarrassing error in Spanish lessons

When I leave Login - LingQ
I am asked if I know “peter”. This should have been “pedir”.

(Edit): this was not seen at the above link. It was seen leaving the link when a popup asked if I know all the words in a list.

Sorry, can you please be more specific? Are you referring to lesson translation or interface translation? Can you take a screenshot of that error and send to support(at)lingq.com?

I clicked the link, saw no “peter” anywhere… but it seems like now I’m studying Spanish…


@marcelofonseca If you open a link with language code other than one you are studying it will automatically open that language. You can remove it under Settings > Languages.

I also don’t see Peter. Maybe he linked a different lesson??

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It’s not on the link. It is on the popup that appears when I click to the next page asking me if I know all the words I encountered on that page. It will likely take a technician to reproduce this as it seems I can only acquired the popup one time.

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It does not seem that I can acquire a screen shot because I cannot recreate this panel which seems to be a one-time event asking me to confirm I know the words in a presented list.

Sounds like you are doing review between pages?? Maybe that’s why I don’t see. I’ve got all of that turned off and no automatic moving words to known.

Sorry Marcel. You will have to learn Spanish now. You can’t move on until you are at least C1.


No problema, maybe that was actually meant to be… I’m already speaking Spanish un poquito.