Email alert when a writing is submitted?

I just found a student writing in Portuguese area that was 5 days old. It has been submitted for Suzana, but since she hasn’t been active for a while, I corrected the text. If I had been warned by email, I could have done this before.
I think it is a bad thing for LingQ if a new user doesn’t have his or her text corrected in a short time. But in Portuguese I don’t get so many texts that it would justify to check the corrections area daily.
How this could be fixed?

Try writing about a “what if…” question… for example :“What if I were the next leader of Brazil, what would I do about medical care?” or “What if computers had not been invented, how would things be different in an office environment?” Since these types of questions are specific (in fact they combine 2 specific situations), they force you to look for vocabulary you wouldn’t normally use and, since they are about hypothetical situations, they force you to use hypothetical grammar and vocabulary forms, which are generally more complex than the forms in first person narratives.

sorry that answer was for your other question

Hi Ana,

It is a problem when a learner has a tutor who is no longer active. We will try to figure out a solution for this but in the meantime, the only way is to check manually. :frowning: