Editing lingq definitions truncates lingqed term to first character

  • I highlighted the phrase “à peine”, and the phrase showed up at the top of the sidebar.
  • In the sidebar, I hovered over the suggested Google Translate field to expose the “edit” pencil.
  • I clicked the edit pencil.

Expected: The top of the sidebar should still show “à peine”.
Actual: The top of the sidebar showed “a”.

Attempting to get the Google Translate translation also only searches for “a”.

Refresh the page (F5) and it will correct itself.

Don’t click on the edit pencil.

Refreshing the page at this point deletes my lingq. Creating the lingq and trying to edit the definition again continues to yield the same result.

This appears to only happen when there’s an accent in the lingqed term. And sometimes the first few characters remain after it’s truncated.

@meesh - we are very sorry about that. That’s really strange. If you still run into this issue, would you be able to make a screencast so that we can take a closer look into it? You may want to use Jing for making a screencast: http://jing.en.softonic.com/