Editing lessons prepared by someone else? (romaji - kanji problem)

Hi, I rather like the romaji lessons from emma00 – I’m looking at “Meet Emma (romaji)”.

However, it’s a bit tricky to make links from the romaji. Ideally, I’d like to copy the kanji transcript from the right-hand pane and then paste it into the left-hand contents pane – replacing the romaji completely – and then go about making links.

Is there some way to do this that I’m missing?

If not, I’ll probably have to give the whole course a miss. Which would be a shame, since it’s about my level…

The romaji lessons are there for those who are starting Japanese from scratch and don’t know how to read kana yet - so they need to remain as is.

However, the same 20 lessons are available as Meet Emma (Hiragana), if you want to deal only with kana. See Login - LingQ

I couldn’t find the same in Kanji, but there’s nothing stopping you from copying the Kanji text where supplied in the resources for each lesson, and creating your own import ie. Tasks - Import lesson - then paste the kanji text into the text field. You can also upload the matching sound file for each lesson after downloading the original first to your computer. Other notes can be added to the Resources section bottom of import page eg. translation or notes (ie. paste in the original hiragana text). Save the file as My copy Meet EmmaXX or whatever. Once you save this file, you will see an edit button in your new lesson, where you can go back and make corrections, fix spacing problems, or add further resources.

(edit) Oh, before saving, at top of import page click on Courses - create new course, and call that my copy Meet Emma or whatever, so that you can group further lessons into it.

By creating your own import, you can then have all of the original resources including audio, plus have the text displayed as you want, with additional notes such as grammar or translations.

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For what it’s worth, I find value in the different types of lessons: I visit the romaji lessons and use them to test myself transcribing into hiragana, katakana & kanji where appropriate.

I visit the hiragana lessons to test my vocabulary, since my kanji range is a great deal less than my range of words I can otherwise understand and say.

I can use even ‘simple’ lessons for their audio value. And there’s often something new to notice.

Best of luck in your language learning.

HAHA! - the Meet Emma (kanji) version is in the Beginner 2 level! See Login - LingQ

Awesome stuff. Thanks Julz, you’re a star!