Editing a lesson doesn't not update the lesson itself


I imported a lesson. I then opened the lesson and noticed that some words should be joined together, so I went back to edit it.

After I edited it, the lesson does not reflect my changes. Even if I open the lesson in edit mode, I can see that my changes are there, but when I open the lesson itself (to add new LingQs etc), I’m only seeing the original text without my edits.

Try a refresh (F5)

I already tried that, but thanks.

Here’s a picture. The first row is what my edited text looks like. The second row is how that word is shown in the lesson:

(I also just noticed that I wrote “doesn’t not” in this topic, by mistake.)

@cm0s - The words are automatically split in Japanese. Instead, you can save these phrases by highlighting both of the words to make them blue.

Aah, thank you.