Edited public lessons unable to revert changes

Hello, someone recently edited a number of public lessons I have loaded into LingQ. As far as I can tell the only changes were that they copied the lesson title into the body of the lesson at the beginning. I would like to undo these changes because it is redundant and puts several non-target language words in the lesson. However, I cannot seem to revert the changes. Clicking “Revert lesson to original text” and saving does nothing. I cannot even delete the change manually and save, I am unable to make any changes to the text at all.
For comparison, all of my lessons that were not edited by this user are fully editable by me.


Hi Emily,

In LingQ 5.0 we will have all lesson titles be part of the text. This means that the title will be “Lingqable”, in that users can select and LingQ words in the titles. This will cause some changes to how lessons look and operate. I would be happy to invite you to the Beta, if you would like to see how your lessons will look once we launch our new version. I suspect that the issues you are having with reverting changes are related to the fact that these lessons are now “5.0” lessons. Since the launch of 5.0 is only a couple of weeks away, this shouldn’t be a big issue once all users are on the new platform.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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Being locked out of editing was a bigger concern than the actual edits themselves. Since this is just an effect of the site upgrade, I will gladly sit back and wait and let you all do what needs to be done.

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