Edit the term not working?


I get the above when I try to edit the term in the LingQ widget. Japanese, FF16

Does this display in the hint field after you try to save the word? Also, is it happening for all terms that you try to edit or only for select ones?

Happens to all terms. It does not display in the hint field, it only affects the terms. I think everything between <> is a html for a kanji. If I delete a <> segment and save the term, the corresponding kanji disappears. More of an annoyance to than a big issue.

Basically, when I click the edit the term pencil, the html code appears in the editing field instead of just the term itself.

I tried this but it seems to be working properly over here. Would you be able to record a brief screencast so we can better understand what might be going on here?

OK upon further review, I notice the problem occurs only with kanji compounds that have more than one LingQ. That is, for Kanji compound ABC, there is a LingQ for ABC and one for AB which overlaps.

Interesting, thanks for the additional info. And this has only started happening recently, right?

@dooo - Can you send us the lesson and the term or terms where you see this problem?


@dooo - Thanks, it looks like this is actually the case with all phrase LingQs. I’ve added it to our list!