Edit Sentence function not working properly

I often use the Edit Sentence function to fix sentences as I read through them one by one, to make sure my word count remains a reasonable measure of how many words I actually understand. I do this when studying Japanese since the language is written without spaces (unlike my other target language, French), and this results in some compound words being split up incorrectly during the importing process.

Here’s an example - 上下水道 can be considered as a single word, as confirmed by a dictionary:

In the LingQ lesson text after importing, it appears as three words divided by two spaces - 上 下水 道:

I can edit the sentence as I normally do, and even save it and have the changes stay in the Edit Sentence view:

However, in the lesson text the sentence hasn’t been edited. If I go back to Edit Sentence, the changes I had made still appear there but never in the lesson text:

I only noticed this yesterday so the problem probably arose less than 2-3 days ago. I’ve confirmed the same problem occurs on both the browser and Android versions.


I have the same problem with Chinese. It’s very inconvenient, because I have to create new lingqs for already existing vocabulary.

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue and have it fixed.

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