Edit Sentence function isn't functioning properly for Cantonese

I noticed starting today that while the overall editing function still works, I am interestingly unable to edit any Cantonese-specific words on any lesson. For example, I am unable to delete the spaces between Cantonese words such as “細路” and “仔” and make it into “細路仔”, or make “冇” and “所謂” into “冇所謂”.
I suppose I could just lingq them into phrases instead, but it would be nice to know why the function suddenly stopped functioning properly.
Thank you.

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I admire anyone who actually studies Cantonese here on LingQ. I couldn’t do that, the language is just too broken unfortunately.
My understanding is that Cantonese is just a rebadged Chinese traditional, especially the word splitting algorithm is identical. The problem, it seems, is that LingQ forgot to add a Cantonese dictionary, that means Cantonese words that do not appear in Mandarin never get recognized and are normally split into their constituent characters. You can also see that Jyutping is missing for many Cantonese only characters and words, try some common ones: 冇 佢 乜 畀 攞 瞓 拎 脷 癐 埞 咩 咗 㗎 啫 唔 佢哋 嘅.
Also translations in sentence mode are horribly wrong, because google translate doesn’t know a word of Cantonese. I even tried to manually correct some in beginner lessons, e.g. this one:細妹瞓得好淰。-> Sister Xi is very sick (Storybooks Canada L.1).
I just tried that lesson and I can’t even select many words like 嫲嫲. But I can confirm the edit sentence function doesn’t work. Let’s hope things will improve someday.

Thanks, we will look into it.

I can now officially say that I have the exact same problem with Chinese Traditional and Simplified since I am unable in edit sentence mode to even combine everyday words such as “酪” and “梨” into “酪梨”, meaning “Avocado”. Does this have to do with a problem with the overall sentence splicing in Lingq Chinese Languages?

It’s fixed now.
Thank you