Edit flashcards - is that on your to do list?

It would be very helpful to have an edit possibility directly on the flashcards.
At the moment I have to open LingQ two times (one Flashcard, other Vocabulary) for correcting or changing.

Is that on your to do list?

I would appreciate that function as well. Didn’t we had that (more or less) a long while ago? “Show LingQ” opened a popup-window from where we could edit the information. Maybe I dreamed that…

can be we had it, Jeff, but i cannot remember if it is on the to do list or not, eventually on the end :slight_smile:

It’s still there, it just takes you to the vocab list and doesn’t keep you on the flash card…

Convince mark to put it on the to-do list :stuck_out_tongue:

my to do list that is!

It is coming and yes, it has been on the todo list a long time. So have a lot of other things. It’s a long list. :frowning: We hope to get to it in the next month or so.