Edit & erase private lessons

How can I erase a private lesson? I created a new version of a private lesson in an effort to add line breaks. I used the advice from a similar post from five years ago but hitting enter after the line did not help. So I saved as HTML and recopied, but that didn’t work either.

I would like to use lingQ and but the editor is very frustrating and not having line breaks make the text hard and unpleasant to read. Could you please advise on how to add the line breaks and erase the extra copy of the private lesson? Thanks!

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You can find all your imports, including private lessons under the My Lessons tab on the home page. From there you can open a course you imported, find the “Edit Course” button on the right and from the Edit Course page you can easily remove lessons and even a complete course at once if you prefer…

To add line break, on the edit lesson page make sure to add “End sentence marker” + Enter and that should do the job.

Hi Zoran, I figured out the editing and erasing of imports but still having trouble with the line breaks. I tried entering the words “End sentence marker” both with and without quotes but that just added the words “End sentence marker” to my text! . I also googled some HTML markers and tried adding


before and after the sentence but no change. I even converted the text to Ebook (epub) using the epub editor Sigil and imported the epub files but still no line breaks even though the line breaks showed up perfectly in the epub file! I tried re-copying and pasting Word HTML, UTF8 plain text, regular plain text with extra line breaks, and even the epub doc with all the markers and code but nothing will stop the reader from ignoring the line breaks (some times). What is frustrating is that for some line breaks the reader does break the line so I keep trying to find out why but there seems to be no visible reason. I am use both chrome and firefox and the same ting shows up in both browsers. I will try adding the chrome extension, but otherwise, I am ready to give up.

You don’t actually need to type “end sentence”. Sorry about the confusion, I assumed that you are familiar with end sentence markers we have. On the Edit Lesson page, you will notice “SHOW/HIDE SENTENCES” button on the left. Click on it and additional button to “MARK END OF SENTENCE” will appear on the top.
Then simple place your cursor at the end of sentence and click on that button to mark end of it. Then also add Enter to make another break manually and that should do the job. Just make sure to SAVE the lesson to keep all your changes.
Give it a try! :slight_smile:

Hi Zoran, I am sorry i was not familiar with that button. I watched the videos and reviewed the help lessons but did not see that feature. I had to erase the red zeroes in brackets [00:00] at the end of the problem sentences before it would work and I may have clicked on the resplit button and then did not have to enter any more “end of sentence” markers. The rest of the document fell into place. Still not confident, but I will keep at it if I have any other imports with this problem. I appreciate the support. Thanks.

Hello Zoran, Thanks for the tip, I used it and it worked. However, to add this line break manually for each line can be time consuming. Is there a symbol or HTML command/instruction such a

that I might use and thereby add it to the content with my text editor using search and replace and at the end of each paragraph?

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Sorry but this is the only available way at the moment. We will see if we can improve it in future.