Edit a LingQ item?

How do I edit the spelling of the main word in a LingQ? I can see how to edit the phrase or the hint … but suppose I typed the wrong accent, or I decide it would be better to list the infinitive?

This seems like it should be obvious, but I can’t figure it out.

Hi Aaron,

I’m afraid you can’t edit the term in a LingQ. If you spelled it wrong, you will have to delete it and create it again. As far as word forms go, we like to treat each word form as a separate word and we recommend you save all forms you encounter.

You cannot change the word or words that you save. This will appear in the same way as it appears in the text, and as you have highlighted. If you made a mistake in highlighting you merely delete the LingQ.

If you would like to save another form of the word, you have to do that in the Vocab section, where you can “add a term” or even “add a list of terms”. I recommend that you keep the Vocab section open in another tab. We will eventually facilitate the creation of new LingQs throughout the system, but that is just one of many items on our programmers’ to do lists.

We recommend saving each appearance of a word as a separate word, and this will capture the phrase where it was found and accumulate other examples of the usage of that form . Each form of the word behaves differently with other words. What is more, saving different forms of the same word will only help you learn them all. When you review your words in alphabetical order (one of the choices in the Vocab section) you will usually see related words in close proximity.

This doesn’t work well with heavily inflected languages. I’m just getting to grips with Turkish in the system. LingQ wants to save ‘iştahını’ (object form of ‘their appetite’), but I just want to remember ‘iştah’ (appetite). It’s strange that I can edit the term, but as soon as I click outside the term box it goes back to the original. Why am I allowed to edit it, then lose the edit?


@zbrntt - Ah, there seems to be an issue with this. I’ve passed this along to our development team and we’ll look at getting this fixed soon.