Ebook import word limit

I am trying to import a txt file with ~80k words, it appears to have been truncated to 50k.

Why is this limited?

Shouldn’t be limited. What format is book you are trying to import? Are you saying that 50k words were imported successfully and last 30k words never appeared?

It’s raw text - .txt file. Exactly - it is split into 25 lessons of ~2k words each.

It’s private but Login - LingQ for admins.

Can you please send me that .txt file to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!

Please check your email, I fixed the file and it’s gets imported completely now.

For the rest of us, are you able to explain what was wrong with the file? Just in case I encounter something like that?

Some symbols were in .txt file (<) in place where importer stopped importing. Symbols made our system think text ends there. I just deleted them and that solved the problem.

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