Ebook import is missing chapters

Hello LingQ-community
hope you all are well. I imported a few ebooks and started reading one of them. Now I am half way through and must realize that a lot of chapters are missing. I checked my pdf which I imported and its complete. I tried to import it again, maybe some problems with the upload, but the same chapters are missing again.

Anyone an idea? It’s such a shame when I start reading and in the middle of book I find out that I am missing chapters. Hope you can help me here and have an idea how I can fix it. Otherwise I won’t be able to finish the book because reading without LingQ is just not going to happen.

Thanks to you all.

At least I could import the book as single courses/lessons and not as an ebook. Now it works. Lucky and happy. So I can at least finish reading it and should this happen to another ebook again… at least it looks like I can help myself by importing it as courses/lessons and not as a complete ebook.

Thanks for letting us know and glad to hear you were able to sort that out! :slight_smile:
Yeah, there is an issue when importing books through Import eBook feature, it will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Thx Zoran for your reply. Oh good to hear thats going to be fixed. That’s great news :star_struck: