Easily modify flashcards in the flashcard page

I have posted on this before (I searched for the previous thread but the 500 server error comes up) but I just want to give this idea a little bump: it would be great if you could easily modify flashcards in the flashcard page, for example edit the hint, phrase, target word, tag and ideally add extra fields if needed. I know it is not good to obsess over flashcards to the detriment of listening, so I understand it is not a high priority. I just find myself wishing I could easily piggyback extra bits of info on each flash card when I am doing the flashcards, without going to the vocab page, using the ‘back’ button to return to the flashcards at the first card of the session, then having to find my place again.

Just a suggestion, I realise you have a long list.

Yes, Ed. We will get to that someday. Soon hopefully.