Easily find which lessons I have been working on

Is there any easy way to keep track of which lessons I have been working on? I find that this causes a great deal of mental effort when I want to download audio in batches to listen on the go, since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of queue or history or anything. The only thing I can find is the list under the “Tasks” menu, which shows me what lessons I have recently opened, but those might not be the ones I have completed, so…

On a related note, is there any way to see which courses I am currently working through? It seems that there is the same issue, where I have to remember myself.

It would be great if there were a way to visualize the courses in a concise form, and mark the lessons as complete or something, so I could easily tell where I am.

Learn/My lessons will show you the lessons you have opened and your imports
Learn/My imports will show only your imports
On the left column you can select lessons or courses. If you select lessons there’s an icon next to each lesson showing how many times you have read it or listened to it. http://screencast.com/t/TA5uXVwr8G4

Thank you, but this doesn’t really solve my problem. There’s still no easy way to see which lessons I have completed and which ones I still have to complete.

The whole interface is just very cumbersome. When I log in, I’m presented with this newsfeed that shows me information I care nothing about, like how many words I knew a couple months ago… I would rather just see what lessons I need to complete somehow.

It’s also a lot of trouble to download audio onto my phone. The Android app is barely functional, and it’s impossible to see there which lesson I just did, and the audio player in it doesn’t really work, so my only option is to download the files manually and copy them to my phone, and it’s just such a hassle to find which lessons I was recently working on. I feel like I have to keep notes on a piece of paper so I can remember which ones they are.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I just can’t find a way to use LingQ that fits my workflow comfortably, and I’ve been trying for months.

Have you ever thought of making a note somewhere? Nothing like a spreadsheet, but a simple piece of paper or using your phone’s application?

Yes, I could do that, but it’s just a lot of trouble. I would love to be able to use LingQ to go through tons of lessons without making a huge deal out of each one. I just want to go through flashcards quickly, read the lesson and add the new words, and then listen to it on the go. Maybe do a couple a day, then forget about them and move on to new lessons. I find that is the quickest way to learn. If I have to start writing things down, and hunting through menus, it just discourages and frustrates me.

Basically, it would be phenomenal if there were some kind of lesson queue that I could add and subtract from at will.

I want to second this notion. Right now, Lingq is a big jumble for me. I clicked on “my lessons” and i have 9 pages of lessons and it’s a bit hard to remember which ones I should review. If the software could help, how great would that be! If only there was a general library from which we draw from, and then sub categories from there… easy visualization. The end results would be improved learning, something we all want.

The courses you are currently working on should be the lessons shown when you go to the Learn page. Likewise, on the My Lessons page, if you choose the Courses view and then select Recently Opened as the filter, you should see the full list of courses (lessons if you are in Lessons view) you have recently looked at.

Regarding seeing which lessons you have completed, if you click the Move all to Known button for the lessons you have completed, the listen and read counters then appear for them and you can see that the New Words number is 0. We are looking at adding other visual cues that a lesson is complete.

I mostly use Imported lessons which I group into Courses. When I press on Learn I see the Courses that I have been working on recently. If I click on a Course, to see the individual lessons, I am not sure what order they are in. ( I guess I should know). In some cases I have gone through the lessons creating LingQs, but have not read the lessons, so even ranking them by unknown words does not help. I agree that some kind of Active tag would help. Even after clicking on “move remaining words to known” the lesson may still be considered active. Maybe there is already in the system, but if I don’t know about it, I assume others don’t either.

In a way, what we need is an extension of the list of lessons that appears in the Task list. Another thought, maybe we should be able to mark a lesson Complete or Archive from the Lesson page, as well as from the drop down list on the Library page.
When clicking on a course in the Learn page, we should see the lessons arranged in order of most recent activity, i.e. most recently opened lesson on top. Maybe it does that. I just don’t know.

I do think there need to be more visual cues. Sometimes I don’t want to Move all to Known especially if there are words within phrases that I haven’t done anything with. But even with that, it still doesn’t change the fact that the new lessons and the old lessons are all mixed together, unless I want to sort somehow, which is just a big hassle. It stresses me out!

Yes, an Active tag might be a good thing. Something that is easy to toggle. The problem with having lessons appear in the order most recently opened is that sometimes I open lessons just to look at them, without working on them, and then that messes everything up. I’m never 100% confident that the lesson at the top is actually one of interest to me.

Steve, thanks for replying. I want to say that LingQ has the potential to be the single greatest language learning tool in the marketplace. Not kidding. I think now is the perfect time to start making additional improvements since there are some bugs that need working out anyhow. (If the hood is open, why not do some re-engineering?) A good place to start is with the library. For example, it contains 10,000 lessons. But for me, only 1,000 are of interest. So if I could move those 1,000 titles into MY library, and then from there, begin customizing the lessons how I see fit. How great if my little Avatar Man were the librarian! In my library, I have different rooms, however I see fit. Politics, Sports etc… or Complete, Semi-complete, To Be Reviewed for the Week of X … and then being able to review lessons for members in the future (something a bit more beefy than rose or no rose. How do we improve lessons that are already there? For example, the Who Is She for Korean would benefit from being re-recorded by animated native Korean speakers (I think they are both Gyopos and I only want to listen to native speakers, and the reading is on the robotic side at times). Oh, for the general library, if new material gets added, some kind of non-intrusive notification, so that material can be checked out. While I have you here Steve, I want to say it is because of your videos that I am still studying Korean. I have felt so stupid for so long not being able to understand, not being able to “master the basics” and listening to you made me realize that what is happening to me is just normal and no, I don’t have to speak my way to fluency, and no I won’t get there in three months as some people suggest. So again, thank you. Sincerely, a fellow Canadian. p.s. I would have broken this up into paragraphs but the enter button is not functioning properly (it posts ran than adds spaces.)