Each monk {felt himself drawn} to clasp one of the strings

I have searched the web dictionaries for {feel oneself drawn} but found no explanation. I guess it means something like “to be tempted to do sth” but I am not sure.

The title sentence comes from “The Golden Bird” tale where I found a strange metaphore:

And there, they saw the outside world as it really was, full of hate, misery and violence, a world without scruples, where peace {was forever banned}.

Why the word banned was used? To ban means to forbid. How on earth peace can be forbidden or banned?

It is my reading of the excerpt you have listed, that the people living in the world made peace impossible by their actions. That is, it would be a paradox for humans to act as they do and for peace to exist. Therefore, since peace could not exist in the condition, it was necessarily banned. Not literally exiled like a person would be exiled, but made logically impossible.

as for “feel oneslef drawn” I wouldn’t say tempted because that might have negative connotation. I would say something more like “inclined”