E-mails of the day stuck?

I received only a daily e-mail in one language today (Japanese), it should have been for at least two languages.

I’ve noticed it a couple of times recently that my brand-new vocab e-mail doesn’t come through.

This morning I got round it by pasting and changing the country code to ‘es’ to access yesterday’s Spanish cards.

So, it is not a problem as such, but …

(I would have laughed hysterically if someone had told me last year that I’d be complaining about not being able to review vocab… I find the cards really helpful now.)

P.S. This changing to the respective country codes worked for French and Swedish, too.

Russian and Italian showed ‘no LingQs to review today’ and took me to the full Vocabulary pages.

Does that mean I should have received 4 e-mails this morning instead of just one?

Are you sure your email settings on the Settings page are correct? Do you have all the languages you want to receive emails for turned on? There is a list for each language that can be shown every day by manipulating the url as you have done, however, you will only receive an email if it is turned on for that language.

I just checked, they are all turned on for 25 vocab, even in the languages I don’t do.

This manipulating is no trouble to me, I just wanted to alert you that a bottleneck may be building up. I’ll do a few more languages and then I’ll see what’ll turn up tomorrow.

It looks like we did have a problem with the site overnight here so a bunch of emails probably were not sent out. The problem should be fixed tomorrow.

Progress: today I received 3 e-mails and got to the others by manipulating the url again (Italian, Russian and Swedish did not get through).

It occurred to me that I did the the latter three on my computer instead of my laptop, but I can’t see how this could influence things your end.