Dutch tutors?

Are there any members interested in tutoring Dutch? I just moved to the Netherlands and have to learn Dutch for work…if anyone is interested, please let me know.

I could also offer a language exchange. I speak English, German, and some Japanese and French.


Sure, you can add me on Skype.

Oh…how I wish there were Dutch speakers interested in helping others with their language… Sadly, they are not.

Imyirtseshem, if you want to have a conversation in Dutch, I’m always ready to help you. I added you on Skype, but I never see you online. Where are you?

I added you and a few others a while back but never saw anyone online. I’ve not tried since. Can’t think of what my user name is now…

EDIT: I created another, but I still don’t think that I’ll ever have my first Dutch conversation. :slight_smile:

@ Imyirtseshem In general, I think scheduling a specific time to do a conversation is more effective than going online and crossing your fingers, hoping that someone will be online at the same time as you. From your posts, it seems that you have plenty of free (or unstructured) time to do what you wish. However, many others have many obligations, and are not sitting at their computer with Skype open waiting for someone to come online. Add to that time differences, and it can be very difficult.

The thing is that I don’t have money for buying points. Setting up a specific time doesn’t feel comfortable to me for the reasons you mentioned - people have things to do and I don’t want to burden them with my petty attempts at speaking their language. If you’re paying - then it feels fair.

The thing is that Vincentd and other Dutch speakers have promised all of this before, I’ve added they to Skype and…nothing…I wait, wait, wait, wait…never get accepted, never see anyone online. (I actually added Vincentd just after he posted here and after I awake today, the request still hasn’t been accepted (it’s now late at night there)).

It’s the same pattern over and over again. This happened with 3 Dutch users of this site and it’s also happened a few dozen times with Dutch speakers of other sites. Always the same promise then nothing.

It’s hard for me to figure out what it is I’ve done wrong…

Well, what I suggest is that you give me your Skype username (the one you are online with right now), I’ll add you, you’ll accept me, and we’ll speak. That’s all… nothing more. And really, I don’t need points in exchange for an interesting conversation. I don’t need them anyway, because I have enough Russian friends to talk to on Skype…

My Skype username is in my profile page. I left you a message about it on your wall.

hello, in january I’ll start to schedule some conversations. (Now I have too much things to finish at the end of the year), so speak to you in january!
Best regards,

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the response! I will also renew my account in January, so I hope to speak to you then. I’m travelling for work at the moment, but once I am home, I will also add the other kind people who have offered to practice on this thread :slight_smile: