DUTCH content help

Hi everyone,

Im learning Dutch but am struggling to find content that interests me.

I really enjoy reading dutch/flemish sports news (all sports but in particular - extreme sports, football, and rugby).

Ive found a few websites to import these from but what i would lve to find is somewhere that has the audio + text for sporting news as I need to listen alot more.

If you have any suggestions i would love to hear them and greatly appreciate it! Also, if you have a place to find good audiobooks in dutch (with text) that would be amazing aswell.

Thanks guys!

Unfortunately TOLX has been done away with altogether, so searching by a certain word, phrase or topic is no longer an option. Major bummer! But you can still watch shows on NPO. Unfortunately there is no longer a search calendar, so you have to page down forever to find older episodes.

I know about a wonderful site http://tolx.nl/ where you can enter any Dutch word or phrase and TOLX will search television subtitles which contain that search term. This usually returns pages and pages of results.
You can then browse through the various content and choose a program that looks appealing to you.
Then you can go to Uitzending Gemist http://www.npo.nl/ and search the particular television program for the particular date and time and watch the entire program with subtitles.
Warning: Sometimes the people loading the subtitles have managed to match the subtitles up to the completely wrong TV show! So the results are only as good as the person who loaded the subtitles. This can be VERY frustrating.
Example: I did a search on TOLX for ‘snowboarden’ which returned 6 pages of results.
On the second page of results, I decided to take a look at ‘NOS Sportjournaal’ for 04 Feb 2014 at 18:45.
It’s best to check out the video on the TOLX site first to determine whether the subtitles actually match the video; however, if the subtitles match, I prefer to proceed to the NPO/Uitzending Gemist web site to actually watch the videos because the playback quality is better.
Luckily, the subtitles match up, but they’re not synchronized very well, which can also be frustrating.
I then went to Uitzending Gemist and searched ‘NOS Sportjournaal.’ This returned 411 afleveringen.
I then clicked on the calendar and entered 04 Feb 2014. This returned the 18:45 show.
Then I selected the show.
Now I am watching a 15-minute subtitled Dutch news show from just prior to the opening of the Sochi Olympics which talks about snowboarding.

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Wow thanks so much brucenator!
I will definitely be using these websites. Thanks so much for the help i really appreciate it!