Due for Revision List

Hey guys, Not really a problem, more just a question. I notice on my vocab list words that were previously at “known” status slide down onto the due for revision list. Which is fair enough as obviously if you haven’t revised a word for a while it will do that. But I was just wondering how this system works. Does it automatically update again if you come across the word in another lesson? and when the status changes to a 2 or 3 does this get removed from your known words total, and if you then get ti back up to 4 does it add it again? Some general information about this system would be really helpful guys. Much appreciated


Hi Corin,

Statuses actually don’t decrease automatically – perhaps you accidentally moved the words to a lower status when reviewing them.** When reviewing vocabulary in flash cards or a cloze test, if you get the words right twice in a row then they will move up one level.

If you move a word from Status 4 down to 1, 2 or 3, it will be removed from your Known Words total. When you move it back to Status 4 (either by getting it right while reviewing it or manually increasing the status), it’ll be re-added to your Known Words total.

EDIT - If you get it wrong twice in a row, the status of the word will decrease by one.

Sorry about that, it turns out that if you get it wrong twice in a row in flash cards, etc. the status will decrease by one.

The amount of time you leave a word unreviewed won’t affect its status, so if you’re studying French and decide to switch to Spanish for a while, you can leave your LingQs and return at any time to pick up where you left off.