Due for Review...Nothing

Today, Tuesday, I have had my daily LingQ email and they are there on my android tablet but not on the web version. I note the web version looks different today! Not only are they not there for today but all the history has gone. Has anyone tested the new version ? See attached photo. Just when I thought the daily linQs/SRS issue had been resolved…
Just noticed the SRS drop down menu, on clicking on this last two days are missing i.e. 9th and 10th April

Sorry about that PaulRB. We are working to figure out why today’s list is not appearing in the dropdown. You can find it on the old page here Login - LingQ or by clicking through from the email which still links to the old page.

Hmmm! I thought I knew everything there was to know about using LingQ, but apparently that’s not the case. How does one include an image in a forum post?

When you click on +New Thread just below the title bar are symbols for audio, photo, video and Web link. Click on the photo symbol and navigate to the photo you want to include

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Ah, I see now that one has to start a new thread to do it.

Thanks for that. Hope it gets sorted as it looks good otherwise

Still not working today, 12th…and clicking on the email now brings up the new version so no LingQs to review today, although the link you gave me yesterday does still bring up the old site and todays lingqs for SRS are there

Sorry! Still working out some kinks from the email. If you open the filters and click Apply when you get to the new page from the email, it will then show the correct list.

Looks like the last 2 days should be in the list but the order is jumbled. We are working on this as well.

They are there today but still in the wrong order, so not a problem as long as you know. Seems to be a bug if you select level 4 only. Not cards come up even if there are terms.

Mark I’ve just noticed that it’s picking up the wrong date order because it is using the first number first i.e April 1 is followed by April 11, 12 and 13 then it goes to April 4, 5, 6 etc (there were no SRS or daily lingQs on April 2 and 3 due to an earlier problem

This issue should now be resolved. A few updates were pushed today:

  • Clicking the Review button now selects all terms in the list if none are selected already
  • Status 4 LingQs no longer suppressed in Review sessions
  • Tag filter search only includes your tags from that specific language
  • SRS dates are now sorted in the correct order