Dropping or taking a break from a language

Has anyone ever been learning a language and after some time just lost the motivation to keep on learning it? Has anyone dropped that language for a while, moved on to another one, and later down the road picked up the one you took a break on?

motivation and determination… my two biggest porblem… i did that -what you asked above- for many languages… but never picked up… fortunately, as a reply to your question, after a certain time i started again listening to podcasts in which i had a little lost time…

Oh, yes! Russian is the bane of my language learning life: I’ve been trying to get to grips with it for more than 30 years. When I once berated myself for having dropped it yet again, someone said: what are you talking about, you just have very long gaps between your sessions… (sometimes years, sometimes months). Somehow Russian defeats me and that although I have quite an emotional link to the language - a childhood thing. I’ve also put Italian on the back burner a number of times. During my recent LingQ absence I kept reading in all languages, except Italian, but made no effort to “learn”, I just enjoyed what I was doing. I have done some Arabic, stopped it for the time being, but am planning to get back to it. Czech, on the other hand, I have dropped completely.

in english.

Right now I’m putting Arabic on the back burner for now and just focusing on Spanish. For some reason I just don’t find it interesting as I once did.

Sometimes other things just take priority. I put Chinese learning on the back burner for years, until I had finally completed graduate school. I was able to get some good study in for a year, until I started studying for some professional licensure exams. Inbetween exams I started learning Spanish due to a professional need, and then with more exams, I had to put off both Spanish and Chinese.

Quite frankly, I would rather be studying languages…once I get through with these exams, hopefully by the end of April, I can start my language study again in earnest.

I jump around from one to the other just so I can compare them with each other. before this I had a hard time with ths too.