I have succeeded to download the file in ITunes but the synchronisation doesn’t copy the file in my IPod

Have you put the file in a playlist? I make a playlist that I name LinQ and drag the file, or files into that play list. When the iPod syncs, it will sync the playlist. You can then select the playlist on the iPod and it will contain the file or files that you put there. You can then select the one you want to listen to.

@Louma25 - You should also make sure that when your iPod is connected to your computer, you click on it in your devices list in iTunes and check your settings under the Music tab. Either tick to synch all music or playlists according to your preferences.

Also, once you have connected, if you then import files into iTunes you must sync again to transfer those files to your ipod. Sync by right clicking on your device in the sidebar.

I HAVE SUCCEEDED!!! Thank you for your good advices. Thank you osaieh for telling me to RIGHT click on the green arrow in Lingq’s lesson. A particular thank you to Mark because your indications for ITunes was precious: “click on it in your devices list and check your settings” and for the PICTURE!!! Thank you to ghenders for your concern. It is done!