Hi! I never have downloaded a Lingq lesson on my IPod. I try today but I don’t succeed.
My lesson is: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Boscombe Valley Mystery.
I open the lesson and I click on the green button with an inside arrow, at right.
My IPod is connected with my computer.
Then appears a window:
What have I to do after this? Do I have to register this web page? Where? And after how can I download it on my IPod? If I don’t have to register it, how can I download it on my IPod? I have ITunes: is it helpful? I don’t find the English Lingq Podcasts on ITunes. It would be great to have some help!! Thank!

~_- That’s weird. Well this time right click “download now” (or the green arrow, same thing) and choose “save target as.” This time a window from your computer should show up asking where you want to save it, so go to the folder or wherever you want to save it in and press ok. It should download.

@ Louma - It’s important to realize that the audio file does not go from LingQ onto your iPod. First you download it from LingQ to your computer (put it in a folder where you can find it again), then you have to import it into iTunes (find the folder you downloaded the file to in step 1), then connect your iPod and sync it with iTunes. When you see the popup after clicking the green arrow, some browsers may offer you the ability to open the file in iTunes if you have it set as your default mp3 player. This eliminates step 2.

That’s why I use no iPod :slight_smile: I use another mp3 player, so I don’t have to convert the mp3 files.

Louma25-I use iTunes also. I download to a folder in “My Documents” which I have named LinQ. If you have iTunes set as your default mp3 application, all you have to do is double click on the icon of the file you have downloaded in your “LinQ” folder and it will start to play in iTunes. Then you can drag it from there to your “Playlist” and then sync your iPod. It sounds more difficult than it is. After you do it a couple of times you will be a pro.