Download google audio


Does anyone know if it´s possible to download the audio from the google translations?


Hi Gabriel
You can use Audacity, which is free, to do that, or instead of google translator, you can use a text-to-speech that allows you to download or record, like


Thanks Fernanda.

Here is what you need to use Audacity for this on Windows. How to: Record/Save Audio from ANY Source - Audacity Tutorial - - YouTube The most important things are “unhiding” stereo mix , having Audacity set for the right input, and not using a USB device such as headset when “stereo mix” is set.

The only downside I noticed after doing this was that presence or absence (inserting or removing) of the USB dongle is not always automatically recognized, although it was before, and I then have to restart a software app to recognize it. So far that has not been a problem, so I haven’t tried to remedy it.

I also found this software, which records from google translator with good quality:

I’ve just tried the trial version.

I watched the video but the problem with windows 7 is that the stereo mix option doesn’t show. More info here:

mfr, my “stereo mix” was also hidden, but that video indicates how to unhide it. The relevant explanation starts at 30 seconds in, and the way to unhide is at 44 seconds in. The only way you might not be able to get to “stereo mix,” as far as I know, is if your sound card calls it something else, such as “What U Hear” or the like, in which case you must unhide that and set your Audacity input to that… If you’ve found software that you like, I’d use that, but Audacity is free and not too hard to use.

Thanks, Ernie, I got it working now. I hope Gabriel has managed to record from google translator as well, as it was him who raised the question in the first place. I was just curious and tried to solve the problem. Wondershare is good, but it is not free.