Downgrade to free

I have been enjoying this resource for a while but recently been using other resources more as my ability has improved so I decided I want to downgrade my account to free. The process to do this is very unreasonable however. I manually went through and spent over an hour deleting all the uploaded materials to get under the cap limit of 5 so I could downgrade to free. I am still getting the message that I am above the cap, but I cannot find any more files that I have uploaded. I have been a strong advocate for this site for the last few years and have recommended it to people. I will no longer recommend this site to others due to the very dishonest process to cancel your membership. This site is a great resource. You do not need to resort to unprofessional scam tactics to trap people into paid memberships. I am disappointed that my last interaction with this company has to be so negative after years of enjoying this learning resource.

Please terminate my paid subscription.


Sorry to hear that. I checked your account and I can confirm that you have cancelled your subscription successfully. Your account will be downgraded to FREE level after your current paid month expire.