Downgrade issue!

as my basic account will expire in 2 days , and now I want to use this website only when I want to read a book in the lingq way , I’ve decided to make only 1 month mebership , then come back with a basic when I want to read another books , but as I didn’t renew it for a while I saw that the rules had changed .I saw the message

“To downgrade you must have fewer than 5 imported unshared lessons. Delete imported unshared lessons until you are below this limit then downgrade again.” … I understand the conspicuous ideas behind it , and I want to know if there is a way to maybe delete them all , because otherwise I need to spend some time to do it because I have hundreds of unshared lessons" . and I don’t want to move the money on my credit card on other account just to avoid being billed , either to spend hours deleting lessons.

@alexpatru - Just send us an email at support and we will take care of deleting all your imported lessons for you.