Double Spaced Imports

Can we pretty please (with a cherry on top) get the double-spaced import “bug” fixed? You know where you make a lesson like:

This is a dog

This is a cat

This is a bird

and it comes out like:

This is dog

This is a cat

This is a bird

Then we get to edit the lesson and take out all the extra spaces… and resave and open.

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This happens often to me. Also it happens that the space between to words get lost and they stick together. This is quote annoying too. What helps is to copy and paste the text into the simple Editor and copy and paste this text.

These problems exists for years now. As much as I enjoy LingQ I find they chould rethink the priority list. EACH bug should be fixed at least after 12 months. The longer a bug exists they higher it must be on the priority regardless how much it seems “important” regarding to get more members.

I thought this was just happening to me.

October, 2011:

@spatterson - Are you referring to the case when copying and pasting text from other sites into LingQ, or when you are actually typing text in the text field on the Edit Lesson page?

I find this issue happens sometimes when copying and pasting text from other sites (e.g.:, but this is due to how the text on that page is spaced rather than on how LingQ handles it.

Spacing between lines on the lesson page are larger by default to accommodate highlighting, and the Enter/Return key produces a paragraph break that adds additional space. Pressing Enter twice will result in a bigger gap like that seen in the screenshot above.

Well half the time it doesn’t work correctly or I get double-spacing.

Straight from Linux and the terminal: I copy:

Nur ein finsterer Plan ermöglicht es, Robert Langdon in die Geschichte hineinzuziehen. Fortan jagt der Professor über die berühmten Schauplätze der Hauptstadt. Doch er jagt nicht nur – er wird selbst zum Gejagten. Denn das Rätsel, das nur er zu lösen vermag, ist für viele Kreise von größter Bedeutung – im Guten wie im Bösen. Danach wird die Welt, die wir kennen, eine andere sein.

[shaun@redsavina bulk_upload]

and I get

All the return characters are gone.

I copy


from say Google docs and I get




I shouldn’t have to care how or from where I input it… it should just work as expected

@spatterson - The lesson you link to looks to be working properly, and the spacing that shows is the default line spacing on the lesson page. This increased line spacing is used to better accommodate highlighting of words in the lesson text.

What??? That lesson has no line breaks. That’s definitely not how it should work. My original next at least 3 return characters

I really think I’m going to lose my mind because of this site. It should do 2 things exceptionally well

#1 - Reading interface
#2 - Content upload

Reading interface is… okay. Content upload is extremely slow and frustrating.

@spatterson - I’m not sure I understand your first post here, specifically, “My original next at least 3 return characters”.

We’re actually quite pleased with the reading interface and have had many comments from LingQ members who really like the new design and the new lesson page. We are still making some tweaks here and there and will continue to refine things, and will continue to collect feedback regarding various elements of the interface to continue improving things. Not all changes will benefit everyone (iOS 7 was a welcomed update for most and the worst update in the world for some others), but in some ways that is just the nature of each individual having a personal preference.

Regarding the import lesson page, we want to encourage more learners to import their own private lessons on the site, and will be working on some updates to this page soon.

Okay, I’ll make a screencast tomorrow

As promised.

Mac OS X Mavericks. Used TextEdit v1.9 (310) in the video

Unfortunately this screencast player requires Java. Sorry about that. I’ll find a better one

@spatterson - Thanks for the screencast, that helps a lot in better understanding the issue. :slight_smile:

@spatterson - Take a look now and let us know what you think.

Works perfectly. Nice job