"double screwing": one method of phone hacking

You should read the following article carefully, especially if you are a celebrity.

“Around the newsroom[at News of the World], some reporters were getting stories by surreptitiously accessing phone messages, according to former editors and reporters. Often, all it took was a standard four-digit security code, like 1111 or 4444, which many users did not bother to change after buying their mobile phones. If they did, the paper’s private investigators found ways to trick phone companies into revealing personal codes. Reporters called one method of hacking “double screwing” because it required two simultaneous calls to the same number. The first would engage the phone line, forcing the second call into voice mail. A reporter then punched in the code to hear messages, often deleting them to prevent access by rival papers.” The British Tabloid Phone-Hacking Scandal - The New York Times

haha the pin on my phone is 0000 and I’m too lazy to change it lol

Actually,I am out of my depth with the voice mail system in Britain. The mechanism of the system might vary according to the carriers.

If you are out of your depth with the British voice mail service, does that mean you could get a job with the News of the World in other countries?

I googled “double screwing” and found that the title of this forum page is on the first page of the search results. It is strange.

Could the reason be that the expression is not exactly a very frequent one? Are you running one of your tests?

I don’t know if I could get a job with the News of the World in Japan. I hope Japanese carriers have more reliable voice mail systems. I wonder if it is a kind of answering machine system on the server.


I think his plan is to distract everyone with frivolous, empty thoughts while he takes over the internet with a herd of robot search spiders.

His plan may be working in my case already, I fear.

I suppose the expression is not a very frequent one. That is why the title of this page is on the first page of the research results.

I am sorry that I inundate the LingQ forums with the “frivolous, empty thoughts” from my mind. I always welcome your unique and interesting comments.

Sorry tora, it was a tongue-in-cheek remark. I like your political and cultural comments.

… by the way, why did you delete the “bugs and fix” page?

sorry “bugs and wish”

Perhaps Tora3 didn’t do it at all! Perhaps giant robot spiders ate them or giant temple cats drawn on screens…or

I’m joking. The giant temple cats reference is from Koizumi Yakumo aka Lafcadio Hearn.

Actually the page was the work of a lot of people. So on behalf of this group I accept your belated apology. As I am quite busy, I think it would be a nice gesture if you were to resurrect the page.

You fail to grasp the difference between a restitution and volunteering. I am sorry that this is so difficult for you.