Don't share lessons under a "NC"="No commercial" license

If found some lessons shared that are under a “NC”=“No commercial” license.
For example the collection “Raising Responsible Children”:
There is a copyright. The terms of use are saying that they can only used for private purposes for free but not for commercial use. LingQ is commercial. So they should not be shared.

I managed to obtain the permission to share texts and audio with NC-License from (Italian audiobook site) and Radio Emilia-Romagna (well, they don’t have any explicit license mentioned…).
I wrote them the material will always be accessible for free. Maybe the content uploader of that collection can get in touch with the provider and explain that reading and listening to those lessons is free for everyone.

Yes Michele, you’re right. I forgot to mention this. I asked for permission of NC’s before too. In my opinion it is allways the best solution to ask the provider. If you explain the purpose and how LingQ works they often will give permission. But we should not use it without asking.

I’ve removed this collection from the store and messaged the uploader. In these cases, if you do get written permission it’s best to post the message in the description of the collection.