Don't share content with a non-commercial creative lizense

As LingQ is considered as commercial we cannot share articles under a non-commercial lizense.

There is a collection in the library which is from the Stanford’s Entrepeneur webiste. The lizense on says “You may not use this work for commercial purposes.”
Link to the collection: Stanford Entrepreneurship corner - LingQ Language Library

We can only put a link in the import section to this website and people can import for personal use only without sharing lessons in the library.

Same here: “You may copy, download one copy on a single computer, and print a limited amount of content, for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided that …”

On LingQ: Login - LingQ and more:

Probably you should think about a kind of a revision of new lessons. It took me only 5 minutes to find these lessons and check the websites.

Thanks Vera. We are in communication with Stanford and that is an experiment. We have taken down the other lessons. We will probably do a monthly review of our content, looking for copyright issues as well as quality issues. In the meantime we appreciate being advised about problem content in the Library.