Don't share content from rapidshare (or other places like that)

I found texts from “elementary stories for reproduction”, Oxford Press in the library.
The book is still sold on amazon:

I guess the user found it on rapidshare or here:

This should not be shared on LingQ.

I guess and are also from rapidshare.
I miss notes about the sources.

Excellent point, Vera. There is a lot of unauthorized content on, so just because it’s on scribd doesn’t mean it isn’t under copyright. The same usually goes for rapidshare and other filesharing sites, as Vera also mentions.

I can’t find any proof that the latter two collections are copyrighted, so I will leave them in the library for now.

I think providers should mention the source. If content is under a CC-License you HAVE TO mention the source. And in all other cases it is only fair to mention the source.

@Veral, you should work for the RIAA!! You kind of remind me of Bobby Brady, Hall Monitor :wink:

@Richard: I had to google what RIAA is and a Hall Monitor. For Bobby Brady are too many results so I’ve no idea what you are referring to. I’m not sure how to take your comment.

Let me explain why I do this and what bothers me: I and a lot of other engaged tutors try to create meaningful lessons. This is a lot of work. We do this to help the learners. Other content providers respect copyright laws and ask for permission for existing content (I do this too). And then there are others who ignore the rules to get an advantage. This is not fair. And it can bring LingQ into trouble. It can cost LingQ money if they use unauthorized content.

I agree with Vera that content should be more protected. Creating original content usually takes a lot of resources.