DON'T Learn Slang - Steve Kaufmann

Using slang too early in your language learning can backfire. I never make slang my focus. Instead I let any slang words or phrases come naturally as I gain more and more exposure to the language.


I agree, especially if you do not want to sound like a poor immigrant who’s only option was to learn the language from the street. Being as well spoken as possible in my new language is my top priority. Concentrating on slang can also leave one in a time warp,especially if one does not keep up with all the new words and phrases. We may end up speaking like Austin Powers!

I couldn’t agree more. Also, the thought of anyone over 30 saying sus, yeet, or no cap sends shivers down my spine lol.


I’m over 30 and occasionally use sus, but I also know things about gaming culture and have friends who still play games sometimes, so it’s more of a natural fit.

I have no idea what no cap means.

It means something like “no lie” or “blowing smoke”
Think of the old cap guns hah

I can understand your approach, Zoran. Learning slang too early in the language learning process can be overwhelming and counterproductive, especially if you have to use the language for business or school. It’s important to focus on building a strong foundation of the language, including vocabulary and grammar, before delving into more informal expressions like slang.

However, as you pointed out, exposure to the language over time will naturally lead to the acquisition of slang words and phrases. As we become more comfortable with the language and start interacting with native speakers, we will naturally pick up on the nuances and colloquialisms of the language.

In my own experience learning languages, I’ve found that slang is often context-dependent and can vary greatly depending on the region or social group. This makes it even more important to focus on building a strong foundation of the language first, and then gradually incorporating slang as we gain more exposure and experience.

For example in Japan I have a lot of business, but they also really love slang when we are drinking after hours with business friends.