Don't Just Listen To Audio Files, Interact With Them!

Don’t know if this topic has been brought up, did a search
and didn’t see it.

Here is an article on how to maximize the effectiveness of
audio files in conjunction with reading:

The first half, “up until this point”, sounded fine to me. Prefer to do this first, without a bunch of forced speaking. Then, when first speaking, prefer first to learn how to pronounce the sounds correctly, then, prefer to have a playback program that can correct mistakes and tones automatically (like or “tell me more”). GOM won’t do this for you. Talking along with the audio file at the same time is sometimes useful. The second half of this method is ok if you had the fortitude of a robot ?

Thanks, Carlos8430. This makes some good points, although that much repetition would surely be mind numbing. A BIG thank you for the reference to the GOM Reader, which works really well, w/ its on-the-fly setting for phrase repetition.

I just like to listen. I guess it is up to each learner.