DON'T Complicate Language Learning - Steve Kaufmann

Many people are put off learning languages because they think it is difficult to do. Language educators often don’t help, but instead complicate the process with jargon, seeking to describe the minute details of the natural and enjoyable process of language acquisition.


A great Steve video.

It’s a fascinating situation if the so-called linguistic authorities, aside from Steve Krashen, have ignored the best theory of language learning/acquisition for decades now, and still continue to do so.

In another video Steve Krashen speculated this is because the “Comprehensive Input” approach would put the highly profitable publishing-academic-complex out of business for language education.

Follow the science!


When does one know they have “learned”/“completed”/“finished” doing reading on a passage? Certainly not after memorizing 100% of he terms? Is it more important to just keep feet moving? what is the sweet spot?

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All the things mentioned are things that teachers care about, not things that help students learn a language.