Don't be lazy!

Last time I receive a lot of requests to help someone with the language study. I’m not agaist the necessary help. I write about our library where the student can find a lot of materials in any level. But I feel the most of applicants are not satisfied with my answers.
They would have some ‘magic means’ that allow them without any efforts suddenly to speak English or another language.
It is impossible!!!
The language studying is very intersting, and the Lingq gives us many resources for it. But without a lot of listening, reading, drilling at least 500 hundred first new words you can’t make good progress.
No pains, no gains!
So don’t be lazy, please!

I don’t think I’m lazy. I review my russian flaschards and I write the words down at least four times so I can remember them. I also listen over again and again.

@happycheeks - No, no, it is of course not about you! You are very good!
But some people don’t want to read or listen anything.
I go to their profile page (if they are Lingqers, but often they are not) and see that they gave ‘zero’ points for their activity and they want only to speak with me on Skype free in order to have all my explanations without any their efforts!
THey will not get any good results only by ‘relaxing’ conversations.
They have to learn if they want to know any new language.

Ohhh… I know what you mean. I’d be frustrated as well if they didn’t put any effort in. Maybe they are spammers but I don’t know.

I don’t think people are lazy unless they aren’t interested in something. If they want to “magically” learn a language without reading or listening, then they’re not interested in the language at all - only in the benefits that come with knowing a second language. If you’re interested in something, or at least enjoy a particular method of learning, then you won’t be lazy about it.

well we are not exactly lazy, some of us just have a hard time trying to understand lingQ including myself. So that’s why you are being overwhelmed by these requests. But if you are a tutor or someone who offered to help these people with their lessons then it is your responsibility to do so until you say ‘‘no more’’.