Don Quixote in Korean

I’ve been working with some Korean friends to transcribe a version of Don Quixote in Korean.

The audio book (at least the first few chapters) is available free.
I’ve got the first chapter so far (and instructions on how to get the audio) here:
or the pdf directly here:
It’s intermediate- advanced level, but trust me that it’s an enjoyable listen in any case.

Even though it’s a free audio clip I don’t have specific permission from the publisher to share it on LingQ, so I thought this thread might a good way to get the word out. You can easily import the audio and text into LingQ for yourself.

I’ll update on further chapters as they come in.
Sample chapters from Audiobooks might be a goldmine for LingQ (win/win for us and the publisher), I just wish I spoke Korean well enough to approach the publisher directly.

If you enjoy it, please, please, please thank the transcribers (links in the pdf). (link didn’t work above)

Sorry for the post bombing, but the links seem to be breaking. Delete the space in “…quixo_te…” and “…20Au_dio%20Script.pdf” and you should be able to cut and paste that into your browser.

I’m nowhere near this level in Korean yet, but it’s great to have and to aspire to be able to understand, thanks so much!!


Cheers on the cool link. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this soon. On another note, a tip on posting links to the forum: go to a site like and post the shortened version of the link. Those tend to work much better~

My friends have finished Chapter 2, here are both chapters. They are in .doc format this time since cutting and pasting Korean out of pdfs leads to errors.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Forum post with instructions on getting the free audio:

A few possible small mistakes in the transcriptions have been brought to my attention, and I will take a look at them soon.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it is taking me a long time to go through these. Regardless the quality of the recording makes repeated listening fun.