Does this feature exist?

Is it possible to hear the audio of all the words on my LingQ list without having to click on them one at a time? In other words I would like to get the audio started and then it would read all the words on my list (preferably in random order).

If this feature doesn’t exist, then it would be a great help! As you say, listening is the most important thing!


depending on what language you’re studying… There’s the google text to speech function built into Lingq if you hover over words in the lesson or in the flashcard app… Steve told me about it last week but it might not be exactly what you’re looking for though…


I did once ask my tutor to record one of my lists in the vocabulary section, the word and the phrase. I found that I did not really enjoy listening to it so I stopped asking for it. You could ask your tutor to record your words for you.