Does the following URL work on Weibo?

Recently, I created my profile page on Weibo, which is one of big Chinese Community Sites.
So I put LingQ URL on it.
Does it works well if I put the following URL on this site in order that Chinese people go to LingQ in Chinese?

It does not work for me. I get a big ‘Ooops’.

Thanks for your quick answer. I will change this URL quickly.

No, that won’t work. Just put the url you copied from the Invite page as it is. The site automatically recognizes the user’s browser language (in this case Chinese) and displays the page in that language. You don’t need to change it.


I realized that it does not work for all LingQ members, but I am sure that it works for non-LingQ members. Now I logged off, I went to this URL, it workd well.

However, I will change all the URLs.

That’s right! Those urls won’t work if you are logged in. If it works well, you can leave all the urls. They will all work fine for your referrals.

Thanks. I will leave one of these URLs for non LingQ members who might be Chinese native speakers