Does listening to songs count?

I’m studying Japanese and I usually listen to Japanese Pop Rock around 7-9 hours a day. I usually learn some new words. I tend to replay the song over and over for at least 50 times straight. Point is, will this in any way help out in learning?

Whether to count this as listening is up to you. I would think that in terms of vocabulary acquisition i is low intensity. However, if you like doing it and it inspires you, then keep doing it.

You are one of the lucky ones. J-rock is easy to get a hold of. French rock or any equivalent is quite hard to come by. I thought the same thing. Still, I stick with the LingQ audio. Whether I understand or not, it is always interesting. Then again, it’s your prerogative. :slight_smile:

I listen to an hour of Dutch and an hour of French music each day. I include the French in my totals for listening.

I agree with it being very low intensity. Movies, tv shows, audiobooks, etc, are much more effective.

I don’t include listening to music into my total listening.

I think it depends on the clearness of the vocals. When it’s very unclear, it’s not going to help much. But when the voice is very clear, it’s surely helpful.

For me, it’s really important. I think I’d lose count if I had to add up all the Brazilian music that has given me a leg-up with learning Portuguese. There have been just loads of useful expressions, idioms and vocabulary in there and furthermore many of the lyrics seem to be really well written.
Or perhaps I should phrase it like so…
I consider it in my case to be just as valid a form of input as all the all the other stuff I use.

I readily concede that it may not be that way for everyone though.

I heard a famous youtuber called applemilk learnt japanese by doing this- she was interested in the songs and imported the lyrics to some site or something and learn em. The rule of thumb is that if you enjoy the activity and feel you are learning then that’s all that counts

Well I always tend to sing along with the songs and stuff, and I guess by doing this, it really helps out your pronunciation. I’d say listening to music and singing along would really help with learning and getting used to the accent.