Does anyone understand "Lie to me?"


I’ve been watching the American TV series “Lie to me” lately. I particularly enjoy it because the star, Tim Ross, is from a town near to my own birth place and he is using his native accent. Does anyone watch this programme who isn’t from near London and can you understand everything he says?

I think he improvises his own dialogue to add regional flavour.
He cheerfully uses words which are considered rude in England but the Americans don’t understand, but carefully avoids words in common use here that are considered rude in America!

Hi Helen! I’ve just seen some episodes, but I like this TV serie. Unfortunately, in Spanish TV is aired dubbed into Spanish (another reason why English level is so low here in Spain: we have the damn habit to dub everything, so people is not used to listen to English. Besides, even the dubbing has a great quality, you lose the original voices. I’ve recently watched the whole ten seasons of Friends TV show in English, and even though I had watched them before in Spanish, in English is definitely better. Besides, I think it’s great to improve the language).
So I’ll try to find “Lie to me” in English and pay attention to Tim Ross’ accent.

I also watch “lie to me” skyblueteapot, I like it very much and I don’t have any trouble understanding him (oh he’s cute isn’t he?)

alsuvi nowadays with the TDT you can watch almost everything in every channel in its original version, check that out. I always download the tv series from the internet directly in english but sometimes I watch the tv and definitely I can watch almost everything in english (or french if that’s the case).

At first when the TDT started you could only get the original audio from TVE and regional channels, just like before with the analog stream; but then a few months later you could have other audios in almost every channel, at least the big ones.

Yeah Berta, the TDT is great for this, but my problem is that my wife don’t speak/understand English, so it’s really hard to convince her to watch teh TV in English (it’s funny, because she likes to see a movie in the cinema in Original Version, but curiously enough, not on TV!)
Because I work at home, so I have breakfast and lunch by my own, I usually take advantage of this time watching movies or series (series are better for that because are shorter!) in front of the computer!

I’m lazy, so I read the Swedish subtitles. :slight_smile: By the way, isn’t his name Tim ROTH?

oh of course it is! I’m thinking of Jonathon Ross.

I can do something like Tim Roth’s accent if I try hard. I went to school in Dartford, he’s from Dulwich which is very close.

Oarrite, luvv?

oh alsuvi I’ve dealt with that too :wink: