Does anyone else have problems with single sentence text mode audio?

Whenever I switch to seeing one sentence at a time in an article, the computer voice audio stops working after one or two sentences, and it breaks the rest of the session. So if I go back to full text, it won’t even provide audio for highlighted lingqs.

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What device are you using? Are you on the mobile app or web app or mobile browser? Any more information you can provide will help us try and figure this out.

I am using Chrome on a Windows laptop. I have several plugins, mostly adblockers, but I have them disabled on this site. I also have the Lingq quick import plugin as well as Google Dictionary and a password manager.

I have also had this problem, intermittently. Also using Chrome.


I don’t have this exact problem, but a similar one: when I click the audio button next to the sentence, it often clips off either the start or the the end of the audio section. Occasionally both, and sometimes there is a long-ish silence immediately after clicking the button, then the audio kicks in at partway through the section, as if it is playing the first fraction of a second silently.

Sometimes, if I play a sentence several times, it will always clip off some of the end, but not always the same amount, as if it randomly selects how much of the section to cut off.

I know that this problem may sometimes be related to slight errors in the time markers in the text that are used to divide the audio into sentences, but if the programme can be made to always play the full audio from the exact timings listed in the text, then that would be great, and we could know that if there are any further errors, we could correct them in the text and solve the problem.

Or, if that’s not feasible, set things up so that it always starts the playback of any sentence audio from, say, half a second before the stated start time, right up to half a second after the stated end time.

I’m on Firefox, if that makes a difference.

@WinterShaker Yes, that do happens sometimes, especially if lesson audio is fast and without any pause between sentences. Not sure what would be best solution there, but we will think about it. Can you send me a link to one of lessons in which you noticed that?

@Marc94 @glossboss Can you please both tell me for which study language you have that problem? I see that you both are studying more than one, I am curious if you have that issue with any language or with specific one?

The most recent one I’ve noticed it on is this lesson - Login - LingQ
A particular example is this sentence: аника и аз не сме на училище - which for me is just playing something like [long silence]…“…е на учили…”
Login - LingQ

I am mainly studying Russian. I haven’t really tried it on other languages. I would love for it to work with Russian, since vowel stress isn’t always certain.

Actually that lesson you added a link to is split perfectly for me. Even that sentence you mentioned “аника и аз не сме на училище” is complete and clear in sentence mode for me. Checked lot of sentences and audio is fine.
I am on Chrome, but that shouldn’t make any difference in case like this when lesson have audio timestamps added and original audio is played instead of TTS. It’s fine on Edge too. Unfortunately (or luckily for us) I think the issue is on your end in this case. Can you give it a try on other browser and see if it makes any difference?

I’ve just tried it on Safari, and the sentence start and end times are still mostly wrong, but differently wrong. On Safari, there doesn’t seem to be the problem of a silence at the start, but everything is late - the sentence usually has the start clipped off, but sometimes includes the start of the next sentence. And sometimes the next sentence audio actually includes a syllable or two that were audible in the previous one, ie. there is a slight overlap between the audio sections.

But I’ve noticed something even weirder: the audio is different in sentence mode. In full story mode, after the title, the first sentence of the story begins “В един хубав пролетен ден, когато слънцето грееше…”, but in sentence mode, the same passage goes “Във пролетен ден, когато слънцето грееше…”.

I haven’t gone through the whole thing making a comparison, but is it possible that this is related to the timing issues?

I think that when you play in sentence mode the във you are hearing at the beginning is in fact only the “в” from хубав, with the “В един хуба” clipped. The original story reads “В един хубав пролетен ден.”

btw the full audiobook for the Pipi stories is available, безплатноастрид-лингдрен-пипи-дългото-чорапче/

mp3 files, quite convenient. If the book is free does that mean it can be posted?

Yes, I have this issue with PC computers, but not with my Android tablet. Cannot figure out a wsy to stop audio issues with my PC computers using CHROME. The android using CHROME works fine

I have the same issue on the mobile app Ipad, Russian language: there is no audio (sound) when tapping on a word in a text. Nothing, neither in sentence mode, nor in full text on any word you tap to hear the pronunciation. Very annoying, it came up today. On iphone the mobile app is OK, it functions well. In Safari, ipad, same ugly voice as usual, with a lagging delay, no pleasure to work one‘s lessons with it pronuncing the words you want to learn

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Ah, something like that would make sense. Although I must have been hearing the “-бав” of “хубав” as the word “във”. Sorry. I edited the text to what I thought it said in the sentence mode audio. I’ll edit it back.

To be fair, it’s not often that this clipping effect results in a sentence that still makes complete sense in the context :slight_smile:

@tmac100 Strange, I am on Chrome and can’t reproduce this. Can you also post a link to a lesson in which you noticed that problem? I want to check the exact lesson on Chrome.
@WinterShaker so what you are saying is that same lessons (and their audio in the sentence mode) sounds and works different on different browsers? Have you tried the same lesson on both browsers?