Does anybody knows what book is this

Dan was sitting on an old wooden bench, continuously tapping it with right hand ,after every few minutes he would take a peek at his wrist watch.It looked like he was waiting for someone. After sitting for a while he stood up and took a long breath And then he started walking towards road while lost in his own head.and suddenly he heard an extream noise coming from sky.He looked up and saw something heading to earth with great speed .”it looks like an asteroid” he said. After a while watching that asteroid lowering to earth with every second it became clear to him that asteroid was heading to north west corner of the town.before he could process it all he heard an explosion of asteroid hitting the ground.It occurred to dan someone might have been hurt.In a small town like Hanfield everyone knows each other.He started running in that direction.Dan hardly ran for a few meters and then a pickup truck stopped by his side and in a loud voice shouted the driver “you are not frank shorter for gods sake get in! will you?.” It was joe in his grandfather’s old pickup truck.”I won every race in high school don’t you remember that.” Said dan while opening the door of truck.”Don’t make me laugh Dan you always ran against that poor kid kurt that kid was an asthma patient for christ’s sake .my grandma can beat him in a race and she got a broken hip.”
Dan and joe have been friends from a long time since their high school days.They were both raised in this town.”in my defence back then he didn’t have asthma.he got sick after high school”said dan.”yeah yeah!and now you are running to beat that asteroid?” Said joe sarcastically. “ you saw that thing heading to other side of town ?”said Dan.”whole town saw that ,let’s see if everyone is okay” said joe. “ hope it doesn’t hit our motel.” Said Dan while sitting on passenger seat and joe started driving truck in motel’s direction. “Like thats gonna make any difference, no one has checked into that shithole since last least if this thing hits motel nobody will get hurt cause its empty as fuck” joe said calmly. “ well look at the bright side,now town might get some tourists.” Dan chuckled.