Do yourself a favour and learn a second language!

These are of course observational studies, which means you can ignore these claims.

Observational studies don’t prove anything, but the article does not talk about the specifics of the studies so who knows?

According to a potential observational study, playing basketball makes you taller.

After all most basketball players are tall, so there is clearly a corelation between playing basketball and being tall.

That’s how a lot of these studies are conducted.

A potential alternative explanation is that many people who are multilingual tend to be more educated and intelligent than the average person. As such they watch their diet and exercise regularly which explains their ability the delay the onset of alzheimers.

That assumption may also turn out to be false, but so could the claims in the article.

So basically we have learned nothing. Thanks obamacare.

Even if language courses would improve people’s health, it’s less profitable for the pharmaceutical industry so it’s not going to go anywhere anyway.

You want to prevent alzheimers?

Don’t eat sugar and reduce your carbload. Control your bloodsugar and you’re half way there.